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When spending time in Puerto Viejo, there are tons of things to see and do. One of the unique experiences to take part in is visiting the Bri Bri Shaman, who is in the area. The Bri Bri Indigenous Tribe is from the Cordillera de Talamanca and is one of the last indigenous groups in Costa Rica. This four-hour tour costs $125 and includes access to transportation and fruit for snacking. The Shaman of the Bri Bri society is crucial, and even today transmit oral knowledge to their apprentices. The experience passed down includes healing practices like herbal and spiritual healing. Shamans learn a particular song to connect with the trinity of the person, the disease, and the plant is used. The shamans live in conical homes that symbolize the universe Shamans connect with the three spirits and have a conversation to help illness leave the sick person. The cone-shaped homes the Shaman live in can be found in other parts of the Amazon. It is supported by pillars that represent the animals that help Sibu (God) in the building of the universe. Tour participants will learn more about the history of the conical homes and have the chance to experience this ancient form of shamanic healing.


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Meet the Bri Bri Shaman
From $125
Destination: Norway: Majestic Norway
Duration: 4 days
Travel: By Bus
Type: Tours

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